Hongsbelt Europe is a manufactuing company based in Poland. We are the European partner branch of plastic modular belt leading company Hong’s Belt. We envision Moving the World Forward with Smart Conveying System Solutions. Hong’s Belt has been in the modular belt industry for more than 20 years and it has developed into a leading and most dynamic brand worldwide. The purpose of Hongsbelt Europe is to serve European market with consistent product quality, continuous innovation, committed and local customer service.

We care about the need of customers in term of interaction, support, service & excellent price to value ratio. At the same time, we care about the expectation of customers when it comes to product availability and delivery time. Due to this reason, we have developed production lines to produce belt components, set up injection machines and keep pursuing consistent expansion of European production facility in our factory which is located in Poland. The goal is to add more of our “Made in EU” products to serve our customers in Europe even faster & better.

Hongsbelt Europe

We are a dynamic, international team of professionals reaching out to the European market with commitment and determination to make a change in plastic modular belt world. We provide smart modular belting solutions, product quality and services to match the needs of our customers to assure them peace of mind and carefree operations. Thanks to the hand in hand co-operation of our dedicated distributors around Europe, we are able to serve our customers with full confidence!


Hongsbelt plastic modular belts are widely used in various industries such as the food, meat, fruit & vegetables, fish, seafood, corrugated, paper, bakery, automotive, tire, car wash, airport & many more. Thanks to our wide range of product choices, we can offer belts in a matchless variety of imperial and metric dimensions such as: 63,5 mm, 50,8mm (2″), 50mm, 45 mm, 31,75 mm, 25,4mm (1″), 19,05mm, 12,7mm (0,5″), 15,2mm, 27,2mm, 19 mm, 10 mm, 7,5 mm, and 5 mm (micro-pitch). Choices of flat top belt, flush grid belt, friction top belt are available. We have in our standard material range modular belts made of polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), acetal (POM), polyamide (PA) and HK material (special material for heavy-duty applications). Other materials (detectable, reinforced, extended temperature resistance etc.) available on request.

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Hongsbelt conveyor chain are also widely use in industries such as beverage, packaging, bottling, glassware, pharmaceutical and chemical. Hongsbelt supplies different type of accessories such as cleats (straight, scoop & bended), retainer rings, wearstrip & side guides to apply to the need of our customers.

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